Hello, and welcome to Stanza Cannon – a zine devoted to continuing humanity’s age-old tradition of oral poetry by combining it with the infinite reach of the ‘Net. The zine’s name was inspired by a Jules Feiffer illustration of a Norton Juster notion in The Phantom Tollbooth, where Milo loads a cannon with a single word that, after being fired, brings down the Soundkeeper’s fortress and releases all the horded sounds into the world. How like the unnatural silence haunting The Valley of Sound are the literary zines of the Internet? Why, with all the resources available to us, do we commit only the written word to digital memory? Stanza Cannon is here to change that.

… a sound which is not heard disappears forever….

Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth

Stanza Cannon is a literary zine solely for audio submissions, because so much more than words is said in the saying of a poem. The editors are fans of open mics and poetry slams and book store recitals and poetry festivals and everything in-between. And since words can be read any number of ways, Stanza Cannon also has a grand gimmick up our digital sleeve: The Grab Bag. Well, whadda ya waitin’ for? Check out our inaugural issue, some other issues, or go to the Submissions page!