Issue No. 2 is live!

The second issue of Stanza Cannon is live, and we can’t believe it either! Click here to listen to all collective contributions as a playlist or select tracks to play one at a time as is your pleasure. We cannot possibly thank enough those talented artists who trusted us with their work. It means the world to us to be able to broadcast your voices.

Also, a huge thank you to Black Market Eagle for our new SM icon and logo! (Goodbye, MS Paint-ed masterworks from our EIC.) It’s gorgeous, and we cannot recommend them enough.

A reminder: Submissions are open for our autumnal Issue No. 3 due out in September, and that includes the Grab Bag, which one courageous soul has already submitted to and is awaiting a poem to record and read in kind.

So go. Listen. Be inspired. Submit, and break the sound barrier.