Issue No. 2 is live!

The second issue of Stanza Cannon is live, and we can’t believe it either! Click here to listen to all collective contributions as a playlist or select tracks to play one at a time as is your pleasure. We cannot possibly thank enough those talented artists who trusted us with their work. It means the world to us to be able to broadcast your voices.

Also, a huge thank you to Black Market Eagle for our new SM icon and logo! (Goodbye, MS Paint-ed masterworks from our EIC.) It’s gorgeous, and we cannot recommend them enough.

A reminder: Submissions are open for our autumnal Issue No. 3 due out in September, and that includes the Grab Bag, which one courageous soul has already submitted to and is awaiting a poem to record and read in kind.

So go. Listen. Be inspired. Submit, and break the sound barrier.

Issue No. 1 is live!

The very first issue of Stanza Cannon is live, and we couldn’t be more excited. Listen to all collective contributions as a playlist or one by one at your own leisure here. Many heartfelt thanks for those talented artists who trusted us with their work so far. We are very, very eager to hear what’s to come! Submissions are open for Issue No. 2, and that includes the Grab Bag. So go listen. Be inspired. Break the sound barrier.

On Our Knees (Open for Submission)

What’s up, world?! Stanza Cannon is officially live and . . . unfinished. If you find our look WordPress-ish, that’s because that’s the platform we’re currently using until we settle on a Web developer, and we’re using a temporary header while we await our commissioned artwork. So ignore the scaffolding and safety tape, because we are open during construction and welcoming submissions for our inaugural issue.

As we seek to make Stanza Cannon a quarterly publication, the big #1 is planned for publication in March 2022. As a lot of people will probably be waiting to see how this experiment goes before submitting, we’re going to do everything possible to make sure the first issue is the best it can be. The submission period for Issue #1 closes February 28, 2022.

For guidelines for how to get in on the ground floor, visit the Submissions page. We can’t wait to hear (from) you.

A High-Caliber, Audio Zine

Welcome to Stanza Cannon, the first-of-its-kind, quarterly zine dedicated solely to spoken poetry. The editor operates on the double standard of summa cum laude English majoring and love-it-when-you-hear-it enthusiasm. If it makes you feel, if it makes you think, if it makes you snap, if it makes you involuntarily shout out from or fall off of your bar stool, then favorites await here among pages that actually speak to you.

Interested in having your voice heard (literally)? Head over to the Submissions page to find out where your talent and our interests overlap.